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Customer Portal

View current schedules.

To register your child for dance classes and special events, a completed online registration form is required. All Customers MUST set up their Customer Portal here. CLICK THE APPROPRIATE BUTTON BELOW. (See below for Portal set up tips.)


Tips for setting up and logging in...

1. The login/registration tool below works best on Safari, IE and Firefox browsers. If you use Google Chrome you will experience performance issue. Please use one of the browsers mentioned above for best results.


2. Ensure that your email address correct.


3. Add to list of secured sites from within your Browser.


4. Using IE9? If so, you may need to adjust Privacy Settings to prevent the Portal login from timing out. To fix the settings for IE9, go to Internet Explorer > Tools > Internet Options > Privacy tab > Advanced settings, and there, make sure both First Party and Third Party cookies are set to "Accept" and also that "Always allow session cookies" is checked.


Call Metro Dance Academy today at 503-620-8939 to register your child for the upcoming sessions!