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Jazz Dance Classes


Jazz: This style builds a strong technical foundation which enables a dancer to focus on the stylistic and performance aspects of dance. It is essential for leaps, turns, and floor work and greatly aided by ballet. Jazz allows the freedom to develop their individuality to its fullest just like you see on So You Think You Can Dance! Our Advanced levels also incorporate Contemporary and Funk into the choreography. These classes have a routine to perform at Showcase. 


Broadway Jazz: Do you love musicals with lots of dancing and technique? Then this class is for you! This advanced Broadway Jazz allows dancers to incorporate their theatrical acting with technical jazz dance moves. This class is for advanced dancers only. Broadway Jazz will perform at Showcase. 


Street Jazz: This style allows dancers to put a little funk in their dance steps. It is a technical class so previous dance experience is required. This fun class dances to upbeat music and will enhance your jazz performance quality. Street jazz will perform a routine at Showcase.


Learn more about our Jazz lessons:

- Lyrical/Jazz Fusion


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