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Specialty Dance Classes


Dance Across: This class will focus on acrobatic and athletic elements to help expand your dancer's skills.  Emphasis on flexibility and core strength. Acro does not perform a routine at Showcase


Contemporary: Contemporary is a blend of contemporary ballet, jazz, and modern techniques. From quirky movements and gestures, to athletic elements, this highly technical form is abstract and emotional. Beginning dancers are not eligible to take this class. This class does perform a routine at Showcase


Choreography Styles: In this class the dancers will learn a new combo every week in a variety of styles. It will allow dancers to practice their technique, adjust to learning routines quickly and focus on dancing clean as a group. This will not only enhance their dance training, it is good preparation for auditions and conventions. 


Broadway Jazz: Do you love musicals with lots of dancing and technique? Then this class is for you! This advanced Broadway Jazz allows dancers to incorporate their theatrical acting with technical jazz dance moves. This class is for advanced dancers only. Broadway Jazz will perform at Showcase. 


Musical Theatre: This fun high energy class allows dancers to become actors too! Musical Theatre dances to a variety of musical songs, they practice technique while telling a story with their movements. Previous dance experience is helpful but not required. Musical Theatre will perform a routine at Showcase. 

Disney Dance:  This class is for 3-5 year olds- a fun class that explores movement and basics of jazz and ballet to your child's favorite Disney songs. From Frozen to Little Mermaid, the kids will have fun learning while preparing to perform. This class will have a routine to perform at Showcase. 


Dance Baby: This is a 2-3 year old non-performing class that focuses on rhythm, movement, and both gross and fine motor skills.  The first step to finding joy through movement.



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