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FAQ - Metro Dance Academy

Tiny Dance & Rec Dance

Does Metro offer a free trial class?
In order to protect the current students’ class experience, we do not allow any free trial class. Instead we have you register and pay for just 1 class, and if the first class isn’t what you expected, we will drop you from the class. We offer a Drop In rate of $18 to see if the class is a good fit for you and your dancer. Please email for questions regarding class placement and recommendations. You are also more than welcome to come in and observe classes from our viewing areas anytime. This gives you an opportunity to see the facility and watch a class in action to determine if it looks like a good fit for your child.

What should we do when we arrive?

  • We have a cubby area inside each studio to put your belongings into; street shoes, socks, dance bag and coat.
  • Have your dancer ready in their appropriate class attire (see Dress Code) and hair pulled up and away from the face, and all jewelry removed.
  • All students stand outside of Studio 1 or 2 clear of the door and wait for the instructor to invite them in to begin the class.

What if I miss a class?
Notify the office when you are unable to attend your regular class. Children enrolled for DANCE CLASSES are allowed to make up ONLY 1 class per month, regardless of the number of classes missed. Call the office to schedule your make-up. No refunds are given for missed classes.

What if my child is sick or injured? 
Please keep sick children and siblings home. Students should report any accident or injury during class to the instructor. If an injury occurs outside of class, please call the office schedule a makeup.

What should my dancer wear to class?
Please DOWNLOAD our “Dress Code” document.

Where do I buy dance shoes?
Dance Togs:
3835 SW Hall Blvd.
Beaverton, OR 97005

The Leotard:
2432 NE MLK Blvd.
Portland, OR 97212

Lake Oswego Academy of Dance:
16250 Bryant Road
Lake Oswego, OR 97035

Online stores:
Discount Dance Supply
Designs for Dance

How should my dancer wear their hair?
All dancers should wear their hair up in a ponytail or bun. This is to avoid hair in your face, or having it be a distraction in class.

Are parents allowed to stay and watch dance classes?
Yes please, we love having parents stay to watch. Please enjoy our parent viewing area right next to the dance studio. We do allow parents into the studio if their Tiny Dancer needs support or encouragement until they become comfortable.

Do I have to stay?
Parents should always wait until the instructor begins class. As long as we have a phone number to get a hold of you, you are welcome to run errands and return before you child’s class is over.  Please note that if your dancer is receiving private instruction The Metro Gymnastics Center Safe Sport policy prohibits one-on-one contact with instructors and minors. Therefore, when a dancer is receiving private instruction a parent/guardian must be present during entire time. Another staff member would be considered a second adult.


Do the dance classes perform during the year?
Yes, classes will participate in a Winter Snowflakes performance in early December and an end of year performance; Spring Dance Showcase. This performance will be in June. Please visit our Performance page for more details and participating classes.

What if we can’t attend a performance?
Participation in performances is option and we understand if you are unable to attend. We encourage all dancers to join in on the opportunity to perform but it is not a requirement. Performance fees are due in advance to get costumes ordered, facilities booked and for production cost. If you are not able to attend please notify us by the specified date so you are not charged a performance fee. Fees, notifications and due dates are available for both or Winter and Spring performances on our Performance page.

Can my dancer still attend class if they won’t be participating in the performance?
Yes, we encourage all dancers to order a costume and have their group and individual photo taken during photography week even if they aren’t going to be attending the performance.

Call Metro Dance Academy today at 503-620-8939 to register
your child for the upcoming sessions!