Hip Hop Dance Classes

Hip Hop Dance Classes

Tiny Hip Hop

Sometimes your little dancer just wants to move. Hip Hop Tots, for 3-5 year olds, will help get those everyday wiggles out! Dancers will learn all beginning Hip Hop movement, while also learning body awareness and style. This class will perform a routine at our Snowflakes Winter show. Class re enrolls for the Spring session in January and performs a new routine for Showcase.

Beginning Hip Hop, Intermediate Hip Hop

Hip-Hop has its roots in urban culture and percussive music. This class focuses on age appropriate hip hop dancing and music that your kids will love. They will learn about syncopation, popping, locking, and breaking. Get ready to learn the latest moves, have FUN, and work towards a performance. These classes do perform a routine at Showcase.

*Please note: Hip-Hop music relies heavily on the culture from which it is derived and may contain some mature themes. Age is always considered when selecting music for class, but sometimes the context is unavoidable.

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