Dance Policies

Dance Policies

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Costume Policy

Costume Fees: (due February 28th)

$50 each for mini and pre classes

$60 each for all other classes

Costumes are not custom made and may need some alterations; parents incur those expenses. It’s best to order a size up and take it in, than risk growing out of costume. Due to time constraints and costume company policies, size exchanging isn’t always an option.

*Costume fee’s do not include shoes or tights.

Costume Fees are collected on February 28th. Any family choosing to not be a part of our Showcase needs to email the studio by February 27th. Telling a teacher does not constitute notification. Once a costume order has been placed there are no cancellations or refunds, but a dancer who drops will be able to keep their costume.

Dancers’ measurements will be taken during class time in February and March.

We will place two costume orders. Costume payments made on time, February 28th will be included on the first orders.  Costume payments made late will automatically be put on the second order.

Photo/Video Release

Metro Dance Academy has an opt out release form if you would like for your dancers photo or video to not be used.

Performance Policy

It is extremely difficult to change choreography if a student withdrawals from a performance. Classes become a team when they prepare for performance so every child is crucial for a successful show.  No refunds will be given on performance deposits or costume fees if the child withdraws from performance(s) after the participation notification deadline. Withdrawals from performances due to special circumstances may be permitted.


We recommend arranging a conference if your dancer’s instructor teaches back-to-back classes and is not available to speak to you in private. To schedule a conference with your child’s instructor(s), email Give your name, your child’s name, a daytime and evening phone number and the name of the instructor you wish to connect with. Title the subject of the email INSTRUCTOR CONFERENCE.

Parental Responsibility

It is the responsibility of the parent(s)/guardian to be aware of all studio activities, such as but not limited to: observation days, Holidays, recitals, extra classes, practices, dates the studio is open/closed. Metro Dance Academy will post notices and information on our website, social media platforms & inside our facilities, as well as send emails. It is the parent(s)/guardian’s responsibility to check with the studio office and or our website or social media platforms, and their provided email address to ensure they are adequately informed. It is also the parent(s)/guardian’s responsibility to inform Metro Dance Academy, of any address / email / phone # changes or updates. If you are not receiving email communications please contact the studio office immediately.

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